Noor Ashikin Aziz


Took this from launch idea to launch in less than 3-months, going-to-market in 2017. Tripled revenue year-on-year thereafter. Bootstrapped and built a team of 1 from 2017 to 2018, to a team of nine in 2020.

I blog on marketing and creative leadership –


  • PayPal, Head of UX and Creative APAC
    Spearheaded experience transformation across all web and mobile web presence for PayPal in APAC
  • DraftFCB, Executive Creative Director
    Sat on Worldwide Creative Board of this global top 20 advertising and marketing services agency
  • DDB, Head of User Experience
    Spearheaded Starhub’s and DBS’s digital transformation from retail to online
  • Lewis PR, Digital Managing Director APAC
    Responsible for overall Digital P&L including Creative for this global top 20 PR and Communications agency


A multi-faceted creative practitioner and strategist, I am a strong practitioner that great ideas are only as good as its execution. With a career that spans graphic design, brand strategy, creative leadership, business management, and digital transformation, I am now building my startup – PURPOSE, in the sportswear space. Having honed my skills over more than two decades, I’m best when I’m thinking or absorbing ideas, unearthing the great ones from the good, helping to improve on them and moving fast to bring the best idea to market.


  • Solid track record in taking ideas to execution at speed
  • Built Purpose from an idea in late 2016, to launch in 2017 and tripling revenue year-on-year thereafter
  • Proven at building and leading distributed creative and project teams, from zero to more than 50-strong regionally and globally
  • Senior management experience; skilled in engaging, consulting, and negotiating with C-levels or senior leadership teams, whether clients, partners or vendors
  • Able to lead, engage and manage remote teams via video meetings platforms and chat channels
  • Board-member experience, providing input and advise on digital innovation and transformation at group and country levels


New ideas intrigue me greatly, and I constantly find myself pushing to get them tested. Failure does not scare me, what drives me is learning from it. I love to help others develop their ideas and see their joy when their ideas succeed.

I enjoy teaching and guiding others on rejection and innovation. These are part of the process to getting somewhere great.

I love sports and am an avid triathlete. PURPOSE is founded based on all of what I love doing. My life goal is to set up a foundation – THE PURPOSE FOUNDATION, with the aim to develop achievements in triathlon by providing support and sponsorships for underprivileged sports high-achievers through school and training.