Though A Founder’s Journey is Lonely, It Becomes Less So With A Great Team Around

I’m writing this at the corner of a major announcement we’re making because I’m dedicating this to my team who has made my journey in Purpose less lonely.

To an extent, I’d like to say that this is now Our Journey, not just mine.

For two years, I trodded on this path on my own. I could not see where I was headed – neither did I know where I’ll be. I know where I wanted to be.

Still, in the year and half that followed, we went from a team of one – me, to a team of 8. All in that time. We grew, and along with it came the growing pains.

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A founder is a lonely journey, made lonelier when listening to others

If you’re getting ready to take your entrepreneurial journey, be prepared for loneliness, but don’t resign yourself to it. Learn to say “no,” but recognize when it’s okay to say “yes.” And finally, be willing to sacrifice some things for your business, but don’t ever sacrifice everything.

Mike Speer on Quora, Why Is Entrepreneurship Considered a Lonely Journey

As I’m taking stock of the week that was, it dawned on me how lonely this journey is. Granted there are many highs too, if you’ve noticed the giant strides Purpose has achieved in two short years.

Much of these successes you can see in the public domain. The conflicts however, are very much kept a secret.

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Disbelieving the disbelievers

This blog is up again, after being taken down 2 months ago. The reason why I decided to take it down was that it was getting a bit too much to update the content of my thoughts and journey on multiple platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and here. I felt that they needed to be everywhere to be valuable.

That’s what every consultant will tell you. So I’m here writing, they’re wrong. Or at least, not correct.

I learnt now that my content only needed to be in where it is most valuable. In the two months since taking the original Opinionist blog down, I’ve learnt that here is where my content is best.

I’ve learnt too, which we often do through reflections, of the many milestones that have happened in the past 6 months since my last update. In a bittersweet way, I’ve learnt that I’ve neglected to post these down into a long-form format, focusing instead on the short snippets that most of us do – on social media.

In this journey, both short and long-form are equally important. They balance out some things that I want to share less, together with others that I (some times) want to share more.

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The Purpose Ironman Malaysia, Langkawi Report

So finally I have the chance to sit down and write something up about Ironman Malaysia, Langkawi that took place last weekend. Be prepared that this isn’t so much a race report but instead, more of an update on Purpose.

Last year, I wrote Post Race Reflections on Purpose, and Ironman 70.3 Langkawi. Followed by Committed, 2018 a couple of weeks later. Think of this article as the follow-up.

So what transpired in a year? A lot, actually. In many ways, the size of the events of 2017 and 2018 were representative of how much Purpose has grown since.

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More of the same insanity, only bigger.

“It’s insane to work two jobs and have full-time training. You’re an inspiration.”

When I had set out to launch Purpose, being an inspiration was the last on my mind. Instead what occupied it was the desire to create cycling jerseys that were great to wear, yet does not cost a bomb on the pocket. “These are cycling jerseys, why would I pay 300 dollars to wear something I’d sweat in” I remember often saying.

Did I take on too much? Did I have too lofty of a goal? What’s there to lose, right?

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Committed, 2018.

2018 is going to be a big season. Not just for myself but also for Purpose.

Beyond just taking part in races for personal goals (I’ve signed up for 3 major ones so far), these are also the platforms for Purpose–regionally, and beyond. To me, events like these are the best times to know and get closest to actual users. Better than startup conferences or trend reports ever will be.

It’s an opportunity to get to know the real users. Athletes who make Purpose what it is. Seeing them in action, myself included, on the course in a Purpose is extremely heartwarming. It’s knowledge that we’re releasing products athletes believe, and trust in to help them perform. Wearing them myself (of course, I do), it’s the understanding of what can be improved upon for the next set of releases. Together, these are real-world endorsements from real people who matter.

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Post-race reflections on Purpose, and the Ironman 70.3 Langkawi

Going into race weekend things got hectic. There was much to do, things yet to be prepared, and equipment to be tweaked. There was also the added pressure to do well – not just for myself to complete, but also for Purpose to perform and be noticed.

Ironman 70.3 Langkawi was the second 70.3 of my life. Not the last obviously. But bigger than it just being a race, I felt that it was the perfect platform to showcase Purpose as a brand. Being a brand present in Singapore and Malaysia, Langkawi thus represents the right spot for Purpose to be showcased.

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